About Ameshia

Ameshia Cooper Chester was born and raised in Durham, NC, and was educated in the Durham Public School System. She received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2010 and a Juris Doctor in 2013 from Charlotte School of Law. During her time at Charlotte Law, Ameshia discovered her passion for justice and litigation.

Ameshia serves as a Special Deputy Attorney General with the North Carolina Department of Justice.

Why I Am Running

I have dedicated my career to protecting the rights of others, advocating for justice, and keeping our community safe. Now, it is my greatest desire to bring my experience home to the Durham community. When I interact with people in the court system, they are not merely defendants or victims, litigants or witnesses; they are members of my community who deserve their day in court before an impartial and compassionate judge. That is how I will approach this office and each individual I encounter, no matter their role. 

Being a District Court Judge is about determining the facts, applying the law, and the careful exercise of judicial discretion. It is about being thorough in the pursuit of justice, dedicated to the truth, and committed to preserving the trust of the people in our judicial system. These are the tenets I will abide by if appointed to be Durham’s next District Court Judge.

Whether it’s mentoring young people aspiring to enter the legal field, serving as a judge for Durham County Teen Court or volunteering with my sorority, I strive to be a positive role model and to give back to the people of Durham. My commitment to serving my community and understanding that we all have a responsibility to our neighbors is the fiber of who I am.